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How you give?

DONATE AND SPREAD THE WORD.  The power of $1 x 1 person x the many that are willing to help others will bring relief to those who are burdened by private student loan debt.  The government is not willing to "bail" these borrowers out since there are no assets to recover.  

How we help?

Collect donations, qualify applicants and pay the student loan debts directly to the lenders/servicers.  We will publish our collections, amounts paid and required volunteer commitments made by our recipients.  You deserve to know our progress with your support.

Why Us?

Compassion for people.  The level of indebtedness student loans have left many with and the inability to do anything about it is unconscionable.  From our own experience with this type of debt and wanting to help more than just ourselves, we chose to do it for as many as possible. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and reduce student loan debt in our country, better lives and the economy.

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How to reach us?

For any inquiries or to request your application materials, please call or email us.

1ONE Solution

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