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As each day passes in our lives, we grow wiser. Our window to the world and what matters only expands in view and understanding. We gradually recognize our individual power and influence. More than ever, we want the positive to outweigh the negative. We want the world to know we can and will do extraordinary things. There is no better time than the present to demonstrate that.

We have a proverbial “pink elephant in the room” that no one can seem do anything about, private student loan debt. Yes, yes, we can! We absolutely should! This will be life changing for not only those receiving the benefit but those giving it. That something this monumental can be conquered by our national community and not the government, who thus far, has been unwilling to do anything about it. Why? It represents a major revenue stream for government spending. Elsewhere.

As of 2017, per makelemonade.co, our current national student loan debt (private and federal) is approximately $1.4 Trillion! Private student loans appear to be around $8 billion. 1ONE Solution will initially focus on private student loan debt and the reason is 2-fold:

1. There are far fewer private student loans but, in many instances, no opportunity to refinance these loans, defer/forebear payments during hardships, or unbury oneself once in default. As most know, these loans were disbursed on borderline predatory lending practices, with high/variable interest rates, high loan amounts (well beyond the cost to attend most colleges), lower eligibility requirements to obtain the loans, and inflexible repayment terms. These loans were backed by private investors and when they failed, the government backed the loans and became an impassable brick wall. Companies, like Sallie Mae/Navient, service these loans and as most have heard via the news, commit unlawful acts against borrowers, are penalized only after the damage is done and continue with business as usual. Why is this happening and is it lawful? Something else of interest, Sallie Mae/Navient acquired Earnest, a company in business to refinance private student loans and provide relief from the unforgiving terms enforced by the servicers. Now what? Another opportunity lost.

2. Due to the inflexibility of these loans, an unhelpful government and dictatorial servicers, those individuals, families, and our economy continue to suffer. Individuals burdened with these loans have reduced to no buying power in the market, may live in poverty, cannot get a job due to poverty or bad credit, and many other reasons of which hurt much beyond what should be acceptable. You cannot file bankruptcy on these loans, nor can you walk away and get a short sale or foreclosure on your student loans as if it were property. There are no assets for the government to recover, write down and resell. Nothing more seems possible and the burden is significant. Is that the American way?

There is 1ONE Solution. We advocate on behalf of burdened private student loan borrowers and feel we have found the most viable solution to help them out of debt. The power of our national community, its compassion for helping others and affordable donations.

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